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Are you looking for profitable propositions on sale of houses, flats, apartments, studios in Dubai? Would you like to invest in realty in the largest shopping, financial and tourist center? Do you want to receive full consulting support for buying a mansion or apartment from the realtor in Dubai? UAE Assets is the best choice for these and other issues. This is not the first time we deal with such matters. Our partners are the leading developers of Dubai, with whom we work without intermediaries. The consultations of our real estate agents in the UAE are absolutely free, and the process of contract execution is transparent.

Why realty is purchased in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai, in particular, is the largest city of this country. Today Dubai is one of the most promising options for investment in real estate. The specialists of our real estate agency in Dubai highlight the following few points that confirm this:

  • Health. Considering the current difficult situation with healthcare, we put this item in the first place. Dubai, located on the seacoast, is an environmentally friendly million-plus city. As for the very hot climate, every measure has been taken (pools in the streets, shaded places, air conditioners in the rooms) to reduce its impact on health.
  • Profitability. Prices (you can always check with a representative of our real estate company in Dubai) are much less than in most other trade and economic centers. In addition, when buying, only a one-time fee is paid. In the future, apartments, houses, villas and other real estate in Dubai are exempt from taxation.
  • Comfort. Acquiring a villa on the coast or an apartment in a new building in Dubai, you get year-round access to the best beaches, luxurious restaurants and unique attractions. Forget about binding to the conditions of a travel agency and plan your vacation yourself!
  • Opportunity to make a profit. You can profitably rent the real estate which had been  purchased through real estate agencies in Dubai. The cost of such services is steadily growing. Such tendency is caused by an increase of influx of tourists.
  • Prestige. Dubai is the largest international center for trade, finance and tourism. The very fact that you own an apartment, villa or other real estate in this city emphasizes your solid status.

It should be also mentioned that the purchase of a house, villa, apartment and any other real estate in Dubai valued at 1 million dirhams is a guaranteed UAE resident visa.

Advantages of real estate in Dubai from developers

Our real estate brokers in Dubai support in the search for apartments, villas, houses, residential and commercial real estate in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates from developer companies. First of all, this is the purchase of property under development. Usually such deals are completed with the investor before construction begins, by depositing a specified amount, which will be only a fraction of the actual value of the property.

As for the reliability of the companies with which we cooperate, all doubts can be discarded. The UAE government has created all conditions for developers, and they are fully interested in the forehanded implementation of their projects. These are just the companies that have managed to create from a desert an ultramodern metropolis with scattered oases within several decades. They can be trusted, and by contacting the real estate agency UAE Assets, you can be easily convinced of this!

Are there any "pitfalls" when buying the apartments from the developers in Dubai?

The practice proves that the risks when buying real estate from a developer in the largest trade and economic center of the Middle East are minimal. All payments related to the procedure are carried out to an escrow account that is fully controlled by the government. In other words, the funds will not pass into the hands of the developer until the buyer or a real estate agent representing him in Dubai receives house keys. In addition, the state strictly controls the compliance with the deadlines set by developers in Dubai and other Emirates.

We will help you to invest your money profitably and introduce you the best offers for the purchase of apartments (realty) under development in Dubai, as well as in the secondary market. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants by any available way on the site.

FAQ on real estate in Dubai

  • Are there any restrictions for foreigners when buying the realty in Dubai? - Yes. If the purchaser's country is not part of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, he will be able to purchase only freehold (full ownership) real estate located in special freehold zones. However, for the vast majority of investors, this restriction is practically irrelevant, since these zones include almost all areas of the "new Dubai", including the most prestigious ones (The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Emirates Living and others).
  • Under what conditions will it be possible to rent out the acquired property? - The main requirement of the law is a period of at least one year. If the landlord wishes to rent out his apartment or house for a shorter period, he will need an appropriate license. In such cases, it is beneficial to contact the services of management companies which have such permission.
  • What are the estimated utility expenses for real estate in Dubai? — Depending on the district and features of the object, the annual payment for maintenance (Maintenance Fees) costs about 20 - 80 USD per sq. m. Please note, that most offices charge this fee in advance.
  • How much do studios cost in Dubai? – The cost of studio apartments in Dubai starts from $140 thousand.
  • How much does a 1 bedroom apartment cost in Dubai? – The cost of 1-room apartments in Dubai starts from $180 thousand.
  • How much does a 2-room apartment cost in Dubai? – The cost of 2-room apartments in Dubai starts from $270 thousand.
  • How much does a 3-room apartment cost in Dubai? – The cost of 3-room apartments in Dubai starts from $360 thousand.
  • How much does a villa cost in Dubai? – The cost of villas in Dubai starts from $550 thousand.
  • Is it possible to buy an apartment in Dubai without citizenship? – Yes, non-residents can buy an apartment in Dubai without citizenship in special freehold zones of the emirate.
  • Why is everyone buying apartments in Dubai? – Many foreigners, including Russians, buy apartments in Dubai due to its favorable tax laws, open borders, variety of visa programs and first-class real estate.
  • Is it possible to buy an apartment in Dubai in rubles? – In the UAE, payments are made in the local currency, UAE dirham. You can buy an apartment in Dubai in rubles if you make a transfer from a bank connected to the SWIFT system.
  • Is it possible to buy an apartment in Dubai with cryptocurrency? – Yes, you can buy an apartment in Dubai for Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. cryptocurrency. But due to the instability of the cryptocurrency, the amount is calculated at the current exchange rate in UAE dirhams.
  • How much does it cost to maintain real estate in Dubai?The maintenance of real estate in Dubai depends on the tariff, area, area of ​​housing, floor and availability. The average fee is $15-$60 per square meter, payment is made a year in advance.
  • Is it possible to buy an apartment in Dubai in installments? – Yes, you can buy an apartment in Dubai in installments, using any convenient installment option.
  • How to get a golden visa in Dubai? – There are several ways to obtain a golden visa in Dubai, including purchasing real estate worth at least 2 million UAE dirhams and more.
  • What is an investor visa in Dubai?An investor visa in Dubai is issued to entrepreneurs wishing to open or invest in a UAE business. It allows you to stay in the emirate for a long time and even bring your family.

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