MAG Property Development

MAG Property Development

MAG Property Development is one of the largest development divisions of MAG Group in the region. The developer company tries to focus on projects that bring long-term benefits to investors and clients who have bought property in Dubai. MAG PD has an interest that spans a range of projects from market-leading luxury communities to innovative community housing solutions and therefore strives to be a leader in real estate development by applying only the highest standards and adhering to quality benchmarks. The company bases its business practices entirely on integrity and competence, delivering luxury and quality commercial and residential projects.

Buying MAG PD Property in Dubai

The real estate development company MAG Property Development (MAG PD) was established in 1978 by the founder and chairman of the Moafaq group, Ahmed Al Gaddah. The organization had to provide a high standard of living through innovation and continuous improvement. The developer has been able to realize a number of successful projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi thanks to its professional approach and high ethical standards. The company is known as one of the largest real estate developers in the Middle East region. The developer has a solid real estate portfolio and also invests in many other types of assets. MAG Property Development companies have succeeded in becoming a leader in the real estate industry, applying the highest standards that have changed people's lives for the better.

MAG Group provides clients with a full range of real estate services: from analysis, planning and purchase of land to property management after development. The same list includes services such as design, marketing and sales. The dynamic organization employs more than 2,000 professionals who work in more than 50 branches and offices of MAG Property Development throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. Their activities cover many sectors, so in addition to real estate, they include commercial activities, services, industry and pharmaceuticals. At the moment, the company is developing a number of projects and various cases, exploring the Arab real estate market for opportunities.

UAE Assets will help buy a home in MAG PD

For MAG Property Development, the volume of work is only one of many indicators of progress and development, the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction and the provision of high quality work are equally important for the company. Together, all these factors contribute to the empowerment of the developer and strengthen its reputation. The company has focused on delivering extraordinary projects to improve lifestyles and deliver long-term benefits to both investors and buyers. The mission of MAG Property Development is to win recognition among its consumers, competitors and partners through unrivaled success, results and prestige.

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