Dubai Marina

Photo Projects Areas Developers Use Price
Sobha Marina Sobha Marina Dubai Marina Sobha Group Residential from $980,000
Cayan Tower Cayan Tower Dubai Marina Cayan Group Residential from $575,000
The Residences at Marina Gate 2 The Residences at Marina Gate 2 Dubai Marina Select Group Residential from $716,000
Paloma Tower Paloma Tower Dubai Marina Emaar Properties Residential from $904,000
Sunridge Sunridge Dubai Marina Emaar Properties Residential from $403,000

Dubai Marina

Interested in buying property in Dubai Marina? Do you want to buy an apartment in Dubai, but have not decided on the area yet? Have you planned a promising investment in housing from a developer in the UAE? UAE Assets recommends paying attention to apartments in Dubai Marina. This area is one of the most promising in the city. Its development is carried out by the best developer companies (builders) of international level. According to experts, apartments purchased today in Dubai Marina from developers will increase in price several times upon completion of construction. And this is far from the only reason explaining the correctness of such a choice.

General information about the UAE Assets area

The idea of ​​creating a new VIP-class residential area arose at the turn of the millennium. A two-mile coastline along an artificial canal built in close proximity to the Persian Gulf was chosen as the site. Construction began in 2003 on Interchange 5 between Jebel Ali and the area containing Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and the American University in Dubai. The area received its "marine" name from the name of this canal and the largest yacht marina located in its water area.

The construction of objects is carried out quite quickly. As a result of all the work in Dubai Marina, more than 200 residential skyscrapers are planned, designed for approximately 120,000 residents. Some of them (The Marina Torch, Princess Tower, Kayan Tower and several others) will be over 300 m high. The key properties in Dubai Marina are the Al Majara residential complex, consisting of five buildings with apartments on the seafront; w / a Park Island with four fashionable skyscrapers surrounded by landscaped gardens and parks; as well as the Dubai Marina Mall, with a total leasable area of ​​over 36,000 square meters.

Buy property in Dubai Marina: your options with UAE Assets

To date, the area is considered the richest and most comfortable in Dubai. If you have heard about the unique attraction XLine (a kilometer-long zipline with a height difference of 170 meters and a speed of up to 80 km/h), then it is right here – in Dubai Marina. However, it is one thing to enjoy the beauty of a unique area by flying over it once, and quite another to enjoy it every day, looking out the window of your own apartment or house! That is why we offer to use the services of our company.

The choice of UAE Assets to purchase apartments in Dubai Marina opens up a number of profitable prospects for buyers. It is not the first year that we have been providing comprehensive consulting support in solving such problems. The company cooperates with the best developers in the area. Our database contains the best offers in terms of location, area, cost of apartments in UAE Assets and other aspects that are important for buyers. We will help not only with the choice of the best option for you, but also with the execution of all the necessary documentation for the purchase of real estate in Dubai Marina.

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