Palm Jumeirah

Photo Projects Areas Developers Use Price
Luce Palm Jumeirah Luce Palm Jumeirah Palm Jumeirah Taraf Holding Residential from $1,918,000
Seven Palm Seven Palm Palm Jumeirah SEVEN TIDES Residential from $189,000
SeaRenity SeaRenity Palm Jumeirah Devmark Residential from $40,800,000
The Fairmont Palm Residences The Fairmont Palm Residences Palm Jumeirah Forum Group Residential from $685,000
Azure Residences Azure Residences Palm Jumeirah Nakheel Residential from $726,000

Palm Jumeirah

Looking for the best property for sale on Palm Jumeirah? Do you want to get expert advice on buying apartments on the best man-made island in Dubai? Do you want to know the cost of a villa on Palm Jumeirah and choose the best option for yourself? You can do all this by contacting UAE Assets. We maintain close partnerships with leading property developers in Dubai. Among them are Azizi and other developers who are leading or have already completed the development of their projects on the Palm Jumeirah. Extensive experience of cooperation has allowed us to create optimal conditions for customer service. You will find detailed information about the service and a detailed description of the island in this review.

Assistance in purchasing real estate on Palm Jumeirah: your opportunities with UAE Assets

The scope of our company is the provision of consulting and practical services for the acquisition of real estate in different areas of Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah community, located on the island of the same name, is no exception. Close partnerships with developers have allowed us to provide the most favorable conditions for customer service. By contacting UAE Assets with various questions regarding the acquisition of apartments, townhouses or villas on Palm Jumeirah, customers discover a number of profitable opportunities, including:

  • expert advice on the choice of housing in one of the most elite areas of Dubai, corresponding to the needs and possibilities of the buyer;
  • advice and assistance in the preparation and execution of all documentation required for the purchase of real estate in the Palm Jumeirah community;
  • practical services of specialists in the acquisition of real estate on the Palm Jumeirah (selection of housing, negotiations, choice of payment method);
  • official representation of the customer's interests in Dubai during the purchase process (carried out on the basis of a power of attorney);
  • control over the fulfillment of each of the parties (buyer / seller) of contractual obligations at all stages of the conclusion of a purchase and sale transaction.

To the above, you should also add a personal approach to service. We study in detail the requirements and wishes of all customers. This allows you to select the most suitable real estate objects on the Palm Jumeirah according to the requirements of the customer.

General information about Palm Jumeirah: what do we know about the "eighth wonder of the world"

The Palm Jumeirah is one of three man-made islands included in the grandiose Palm Islands project. This artificial structure, the construction of which lasted from 2001 to 2006, is considered the best of the three and is recognized as the unofficial "eighth wonder of the world." From a bird's eye view, the island resembles a palm tree with 16 branches, surrounded by a semicircle (it acts as a breakwater). The function of the trunk is performed by a bridge connecting the Palm Jumeirah with the mainland of Dubai, and the semicircle is connected to the island by underwater tunnels.

As soon as the construction of the island was completed in 2006, it was given over to Dubai's leading developers for development. For each of them it has become a matter of honor and prestige. Therefore, each property on the Palm Jumeirah is a real work of architectural art. On the territory, the area of ​​which is similar to the area of ​​800 football fields, there are multi-storey buildings, villas and cottages. In addition, the island has a well-developed infrastructure, covering the interests of both local residents and thousands of guests visiting this unique area of ​​Dubai.

The center of the Palm Jumeirah is the main part ("trunk") that continues the 300-meter bridge. In this part of the island there are multi-storey buildings (mid-rise), shops, restaurants, clubs, beauty salons, as well as elite beaches. Along this “trunk” there are highways, and in the middle there is a monorail track. The crown of the Palm Jumeirah consists of 16 branches. Each of them offers rows of cottages, villas and townhouses with highways running along them. This part is densely built-up - the buildings are close to each other, since the demand for luxury housing on Palm Jumeirah is very high.

The third part - the "crescent", as already noted, performs a protective function (breakwater). However, in terms of environmental features, it was not made continuous - there are two openings that ensure the movement of sea water. These openings, like the "crescent" itself, are connected to the main part of the Palm Jumeirah by underwater tunnels. There is no residential property in this area. Numerous hotels, hotel and entertainment complexes, nightclubs and other establishments have been built here, hosting tens of thousands of tourists annually.

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