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Mada’in Properties

Mada'in Properties aims to expand the Dubai real estate market with exclusive projects that meet all the flair and design, as well as meet the five-star standard. The developer's love for creative design, outstanding quality and adherence to strict standards is what sets Madain Properties apart from other developers. In an effort to keep the quality bar in all directions, the developer achieves results that satisfy even the most demanding requirements and requests. Enthusiasm and inspiration allow the company to create amazing, exciting and delightful projects. While other businesses are trying to expand their territory, Mada'in Properties continue to create exemplary areas where you can buy the best property in Dubai.

Company Information Madain Properties

Mada'in Properties is a private equity enterprise established in 2006 by private shareholders, investment banks, public corporations, government and semi-government organizations. Mada'in's real estate business began in 2007 when the company's founders raised and invested AED 500 million in paid-in capital. The money was used to acquire strategic sites around Dubai for further development. Despite the financial crisis of 2008, the company was able to overcome the difficulties by re-evaluating the organization and reorganizing its priorities.

In 2012, the company decided to invest in the development of the residential tower Marina Arcade, and since then has been able to successfully establish itself in the real estate industry. Now Mada'in Properties is a real estate development company that strives to promote contemporary quality and product value in all of its projects. The developer positions itself as a world-class luxury real estate developer with the goal of creating sophisticated communities by turning selected sites into attractions. In 2013, a new design for Marina Arcade was released, after which the contract was awarded in the last quarter of the same year.

Real Estate Mada'in Properties

Mada'in Properties has developed a number of key projects in Dubai, which include numerous mansions, villas, townhouses, condos and apartments. But the most popular project, of course, is the Marina Arcade, an exquisite residential tower in Dubai Marina that offers stunning views of the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Media City, Jumeirah Beach and the Emirates Golf Course. The stunning complex is in close proximity to luxurious beaches and the city, and is the center of modern and nature-inspired living. With amenities and the utmost attention to detail, the exquisite project satisfies the needs of residents who are looking for a luxury home.

Rove Mina Seyahi, the first mixed-use hotel complex in the UAE, also deserves special mention. With a focus on luxury hotel developments in Dubai Marina and surrounding areas, Rove Mina Seyahi, a modern mid-range hotel, is becoming an attraction for a new generation of travelers, entrepreneurs and investors. In this way, Mada'in Properties Dubai property is an extension of the modern lifestyle and takes the concept of comfort to a whole new level.

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