Dubai South

Photo Projects Areas Developers Use Price
The Pulse Villas The Pulse Villas Dubai South Dubai South Residential from $548,000
Expo Golf Villas 6 Expo Golf Villas 6 Dubai South Dubai South Residential from $400,000
Villanova La Violeta 2 Villanova La Violeta 2 Dubai South Dubai South Residential from $479,000

Dubai South

Dubai South is Dubai's largest integrated urban development that focuses on the residential, commercial, aviation and logistics ecosystem. Dubai South offers business-friendly free zone benefits and a residential environment with a variety of residences and apartments to suit different lifestyles. An innovation hub with an advanced vision for the future, Dubai South was created as a flagship project based on the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who wished for a good future for the United Arab Emirates and created a path to it through the Dubai Plan 2021.

Overview of Dubai South Multi-Phase Complex

For the first time the construction plan of the complex was presented on May 2, 2006 at the Arabian Travel Market 2006 exhibition. Then it was presented under the name "Dubai World Central", but in August 2015 the name was changed to Dubai South. The construction of the complex was divided into 3 phases, the first of which ended in the summer of 2010 with the opening of the Al Maktoum International Airport. On its journey to develop a community that is in line with the city's national interests and strategies, Dubai South has set itself the goal of providing clients and residents with high-quality services in all of its current and future projects. The developer not only presented the community of the future, but was able to successfully implement it in reality.

Dubai South constantly assesses the needs of the local real estate market, and then develops new projects that can meet the needs and requirements of buyers. The Dubai South complex offers investors and migrants a community of residential properties to own and rent, focusing on different lifestyles. The site is intended to create a comfortable living environment, which is in line with the state's desire to ensure the well-being of the first urban lifestyle project in Dubai in order to support the economic development of the emirate.

Properties from Dubai South

Dubai South, worth $33 billion and covering an area of ​​145 square kilometers, was built between the two most famous emirates - Dubai and Abu Dhabi. According to the developer's plans, more than 750,000 people will be able to live and work in the complex. The infrastructure is not only home to the Al Maktoum International Airport, but is also located in close proximity to the Jebel Ali seaport, not far from its river port with one of the largest container terminals in the world. In addition, Dubai South is connected to all highways in the UAE, and the projected high-speed railway line will also pass through it. Therefore, the transport and logistics system here is very well developed and represents an additional advantage.

Dubai South is a well-designed mixed-use community with 8 different zones:

  • Al Maktoum International Airport
  • Logistics City (DLC)
  • Commercial City
  • Enterprise Park - research centers, offices, venues for conferences and pavilions, a university for 3-4 thousand students
  • Residential City
  • Staff Village - a residential center for employees
  • Aviation City
  • Golf City

Dubai South strives to satisfy the expectation of all who are interested in it, so here are objects for entrepreneurs, investors and migrants. Dubai South strives to please its customers by building only first class and affordable residential units to buy or rent. It includes a wide range of properties for residential properties, which include apartments, townhouses, villas and apartments in multi-family buildings.

The large multi-phase complex also houses business properties. Businessmen have access to commercial and retail infrastructure, which consists of specially designed office space and a business center with smart desks. Companies are offered good investment opportunities at loyal and competitive prices. Dubai South provides attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs to open offices or retail businesses.

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