Dubai Valley

Photo Projects Areas Developers Use Price
Alana Alana Dubai Valley Emaar Properties Residential from $548,000
The Valley Elora The Valley Elora Dubai Valley Emaar Properties Residential from $432,000
Farm Gardens The Valley Farm Gardens The Valley Dubai Valley Emaar Properties Residential from $1,389,000

Dubai Valley

Looking for the best property for sale in Dubai Valley? Do you want to consult on investment in townhouses in the elite area of ​​Dubai? Would you like to see the latest listing of apartments in the gated community of Dubai Valley? UAE Assets employees will help you to do all this. We have been cooperating with leading developers in Dubai for a long time. Dubai Valley developer Emaar Properties is no exception. Many years of cooperation experience has allowed us to create optimal service conditions for our customers. Description of the new project and the benefits of our services you will find in this review.

Dubai Valley Community: What the Developer Offers

Dubai Valley is a new residential area designed as an oasis in the desert. For its construction, the designers of Emaar Properties chose the outskirts of the city. Therefore, buying property in Dubai Valley is an ideal option for those who prefer comfort, peace and quiet. According to the project, the new district will have several sub-communities, different in architecture and landscape. What they have in common is the type of property. All residences in Dubai Valley are three or four bedroom townhouses.

Four such subcommunities are already under development. Design work on Talia, Nara and Orania is in full swing, and housing in the Eden sub-community will begin construction in 2021. The finishes and decoration of the townhouses in Dubai Valley are up to the elite class. The developers have taken into account the smallest details that contribute to a comfortable stay. Expensive household appliances and plumbing, built-in furniture, panoramic windows with beautiful views - all this is combined with cozy gardens and squares, neat paths and other elements of landscape design.

Dubai Valley will have its own 32,000 sq. m. with indoor and outdoor shops, farmers market, cafes and restaurants. The developer company offers residents a variety of facilities for recreation and entertainment. A large-scale sports village with an area of ​​​​20,000 square meters will be located here. m. and an archaeological playground. Just a 5-15 minute walk from the Dubai Valley Townhouses is the 33,000 sq. m. Pavilion Parkland. m. It will include a Zen garden, an oasis, an observation tower and a labyrinth.

About the same time it will take residents to get to Golden Beach. Its total area will be 30,000 sq. m. Vacationers will have access to numerous water attractions, playgrounds for beach sports, children's playgrounds and many cafes with cool drinks. A golf club will also be built in the Dubai Valley area. The infrastructure includes most of the facilities that are important for favorable living. Residents of the community will have access to shops, boutiques, spas, fitness centers. As for the hospital, schools and kindergartens, such institutions are located in neighboring areas, and it will be possible to reach them by car in a few minutes.

Dubai Valley Real Estate Investment: Your Opportunity with UAE Assets

Our company has been specializing in providing various services in the field of real estate acquisition in different areas of Dubai for several years. The Dubai Valley community, developed by developer Emaar Properties, is no exception. Close partnership with a well-known developer has allowed us to create the most favorable conditions for customer service. By approaching UAE Assets with a variety of questions regarding the acquisition of real estate in the Dubai Valley, customers discover a range of profitable opportunities. The range of services available to our clients includes:

  • expert advice on the choice of housing in the elite area of ​​Dubai, corresponding to the needs and possibilities of the buyer;
  • advice and assistance in the preparation and execution of all necessary documentation for the purchase of apartments in Dubai Valley;
  • practical support to clients at all stages of the acquisition of real estate in the new gated community of Dubai Valley;
  • official representation of the customer's interests in Dubai during the purchase process (on the basis of a power of attorney);
  • control over the fulfillment by each of the parties of their contractual obligations at all stages of the conclusion of a purchase and sale transaction.

To the above, you can also add a personal approach to service. We study in detail the requirements and wishes of each client. This allows you to select the most suitable properties in Dubai Valley according to the requirements of the customer. Contact us - our employees are ready to make every effort to fully meet customer requirements.

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