The pioneering group Al Habtoor is much more than just a business. A supplier of refined and comfortable living, he focused all his attention on real estate development, the hospitality industry and the luxury industry. The developer has been cooperating with world-famous top brands for almost half a century, presenting the heritage and history of their country on the international stage. The construction and further development of Al Habtoor Group is taking into account the interests of the UAE, which allows attracting more investors, tourists and entrepreneurs to the region. Developer Al Habtoor has been able to gain international recognition for its incredibly successful and luxurious projects, as well as its benchmark quality, reliability and the use of modern technology. Like the United Arab Emirates itself, the developer has become a symbol of success and ambition.

Information about the developer Al Habtoor

Al Habtoor Group was founded in 1970. The company was able to become famous in the local and international arena thanks to its founder Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor. Due to its vast experience in the real estate sector, the company has built a profitable portfolio in the industry. The developer was able to provide its partners with a good stable income, which allowed them to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers. The company's projects include a wide variety of sectors, in the real estate sector there is a large hotel complex Burj Al Arab, a large part of Dubai Airport and Abu Dhabi Airport. And thanks to the Al Habtoor City facility, the company was able to change the very idea of ​​luxury living and buying property in Dubai. Al Habtoor strives to maintain professional standards and world class service.

Al Habtoor is also one of the leading construction and engineering firms in the Middle East with projects in cities such as Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan. Although luxury real estate in Dubai and other cities in the UAE is the company's main and largest activity, Al Habtoor also has other diversified holdings, including the automotive and hospitality business, and even a small publishing division. Al Habtoor Group is constantly on the lookout for new business opportunities in line with the company's values, with the ability to provide world-class service and generate good returns.

UAE Assets offers to buy Al Habtoor property in Dubai

Since its inception, Al Habtoor has become a benchmark with the ability to build and develop the real estate sector in the UAE. The developer has demonstrated excellence in technological innovation and has become a leader in offering a high level of service. Entrepreneurial spirit and dedication allow Al Habtoor to focus on and operate in accordance with a number of values, such as respect for the environment and health and safety at work. No wonder so many are looking to buy Al Habtoor property in Dubai.

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