Casa Canal sets a new record for luxury property sales in Dubai

Casa Canal sets a new record for luxury property sales in Dubai

Riding the wave of booming demand for luxury real estate in Dubai, ultra-luxury developer AHS Properties has achieved record sales of AED2.5 billion ($680 million) for its new Casa Canal Interiors project by Fendi Casa. Within days of its launch in November 2021, 80% of the residences, valued at AED 3.1 billion ($843 million), were sold.

The ambitious Casa Canal project, designed by world-renowned architects Hirsch Bedner and Sean Killa, offers ultra-premium housing ranging from 420 to 2,800 sq.m. The tower features boutique homes, 4–6-bedroom sky villas, penthouses and sky palaces with exclusive amenities.

Residents will enjoy private pools, upscale restaurants, a movie theater, a state-of-the-art spa, wellness center, recreational facilities, a cigar lounge, and concierge and chauffeur services. The interiors were designed by Italian fashion house Fendi Casa as part of a strategic partnership.

“Our vision is to make Casa Canal a transformative force in Dubai's luxury real estate market, building structures and creating living experiences that will leave a lasting mark and redefine luxury living,” said AHS Properties founder Abbas Sajwani.

The overwhelming demand for the project reflects the rapid growth of the ultra-premium real estate market in Dubai and the developer's ambitions to become a pioneer in this segment.

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