Villas in Dubai

Villas in Dubai

Are you planning to purchase a villa in Dubai? Do you want to invest in luxury real estate on the seacoast in the UAE? Do you need the professional advice on choosing a villa in Dubai? UAE Assets is the best choice for such tasks. We have been dealing with these issues for several years. Our partners are the leading developers. We provide free consultations and ensure full transparency of contractual obligations.

Where to purchase a villa in Dubai: your opportunities with UAE Assets

For several years our company has been specializing in services for clients wishing to invest in real estate in the largest locality in the UAE. Such experience has allowed us to create the most favorable and profitable service conditions. The sale of villas in Dubai from UAE Assets provides customers with the following benefits:

• close cooperation with leading developers of the United Arab Emirates;

• the experienced real estate consultants, including luxury villas;

• a large selection of properties available for sale in different parts of Dubai;

• the work with villas presented in the primary and secondary real estate markets;

• reasonable prices for services, corresponding to average market prices.

The advantages of our services also include an individual approach. When purchasing a villa in Dubai, all the requirements of the customer and his capabilities are taken into account. Our employees check all the risks, select and offer the customer different options to choose from.

Why villas are worth purchasing in Dubai

If you are faced with choosing a place to purchase the luxury real estate, we recommend you to pay attention to our offer. Dubai is the largest city in the UAE and is the world's commercial and economic center. The geographical position of the city contributes to the fact that it ranks first in the world in terms of environmental cleanliness among million-plus cities.

The authorities of the UAE have taken all the necessary measures to ensure healthy and comfortable living in the city with a very hot climate. For this purpose, on the streets swimming pools and shaded places were organized. In addition, a prerequisite for developers, whose activity is strictly controlled by the state, is the presence of air conditioners in all residential premises.

The offer to acquire or rent a luxury villa in Dubai also opens up the following opportunities for customers:

  • Comfortable VIP-level conditions. When purchasing a villa by the sea, you get year-round access to luxurious beaches, elite yacht clubs, the best restaurants and unique attractions.
  • Economy. The prices for villas in Dubai are much less than the prices for similar properties in most other resort centers in the world. In addition, only a one-time fee is paid upon purchase. In the future, the acquired villa, like other real estate, is exempt from taxation.
  • Receiving a profit. Villas in Dubai are in high demand among tenants. The cost of such services is steadily growing, that is caused by an increase in the influx of tourists.
  • Prestige. Dubai is the largest international center for trade, finance and tourism. The very fact that you own a villa in this city emphasizes your solid status.

It should be also mentioned that the purchase of a house, villa, apartment and any other real estate in Dubai valued at 1 million dirhams is a guaranteed UAE resident visa.

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