The demand of Russians for real estate in the UAE

The demand of Russians for real estate in the UAE

Dubai has always been in demand among foreigners, and Russian tourists are no exception. Russians go there not only to relax, but also to buy the property they like. According to statistics, most of the total sales among CIS citizens are accounted for by Russian buyers. During the pandemic, the demand for buying real estate in the UAE among Russians has not decreased, but only increased. If before the start of the spread of covid, the majority of Russians bought real estate as an investment, at the moment, most clients are purchasing housing for personal residence. The most popular among Russian-speaking clients are houses in gated communities near a private coastal area equipped with a beach and hotel services. Also, more than 80% of buyers prefer to buy apartments.

If you are interested in whether a Russian can buy a home in the UAE, then UAE Assets specialists will be happy to help you. Our company provides a full range of services for the purchase, sale and rental of real estate in Dubai. By contacting our staff, you will receive advice from qualified experts, and you will also be able to find out the current prices for residential and commercial properties in the UAE. Acquisition of real estate in Dubai by Russians is not a simple matter that requires the support of experienced experts. UAE Assets will provide you with comprehensive transaction support until the conclusion of the contract. With us, you do not have to worry about finding the best property option, paperwork and making payments.

Is it profitable for Russians to invest in real estate in Dubai?

How much do Russians spend on real estate in Dubai? On average, the cost of housing they buy varies from 700 thousand to 1.5 million dollars. In the luxury segment, the cost of purchased properties ranges from 2 to 7 million dollars - we are talking about villas on the coast, as well as island townhouses and penthouses, which are in high demand among wealthy clients. Despite the high prices, the elite segment is in demand due to the cost, which is 2-3 times more affordable than in Hong Kong, New York, Moscow or Tokyo. This is one of the reasons why the demand for housing in the Emirates among Russians and other foreign clients is quite high. Another reason is that UAE law works to protect buyers. Developers are required to finish building their properties to the end, so it is quite safe to buy property at the construction stage. In addition, the country attracts investors with its excellent infrastructure, loyal legislation and a developed economy typical of large metropolitan areas.

Russian investments in real estate in Dubai are quite significant, today there are about 300,000 Russian-speaking residents in the city, which is almost 10% of the total population of the emirate. Most of the apartments Russian clients buy for further leasing. Speculative investments are also in demand here, when clients draw up a contract at the construction stage, and later sell ready-made apartments at a higher price, making a profit due to the price difference. The local market has its own nuances, and one of them is the quick conclusion of a deal. It happens that the client has a few minutes to make a down payment for a property that has just been put up for sale. The demand for real estate in the UAE among Russians and other foreigners is high, so it is not surprising that properties are sold out in just a matter of seconds. It is rather difficult to choose a property on your own among several dozens and hundreds of offers. Professional assistance from UAE Assets experts will help you choose the property that suits your needs and purchase it in the shortest possible time.

Selling housing to Russians in Dubai with the help of UAE Assets

Many Russians buy property in Dubai because this option is one of the most reliable ways to invest. Dubai has long established itself as a city with a steady increase in property prices, against which the growth of interest from Russian investors continues to grow. In addition, investors are attracted by the presence of free economic zones and the possibility of obtaining resident visas - the more expensive the property, the longer the possibility of staying in the UAE. While in general, purchasing local property is considered fairly straightforward, there are many different factors to consider. The task of UAE Assets specialists is to select an object that meets the needs and financial capabilities of the client. Our company has an extensive database of real estate in the UAE, so it is easy to find you great apartments from the best developers. To contact us, use the contact phone number or fill out the feedback form. We will call you back during business hours and answer all your questions.

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